Will Burke

inches into the wedding
a bride eats her.

throws.  up a dill pick.  hoke.
is turning a vacuum off to
ring out a clump of chant.

hair.  in the sink red straw
zooms ard like a mouse.  till
the jutland husband shrieks

and we cry.  like at a wedding.
marchin.  under the jizz lite.
sand.  munch.  plastic cum.  sez.

d's.  titties absolute and showing.
alarm.  mom.  pees.  in a tomato
brush.  it's my day.  my only day.

to can up mackerel.  flosh. + danc.
in yr eyes.  a stemple.  floss.
the drones overheart.  mint t.

Will Burke is from Portland, Maine. His chapbook The World Is Full of Peasants.is out by Slash Pine Press.

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