Andrew Topel & Matthew Stolte

Matthew Stolte is an American concrete and visual poet, head of micropress eMTeVisPub. His work has been included in Score, Lost and Found Times, Anthology Spidertangle by Xexoxial Editions, online versions of Verse Wisconsin & elsewhere. Tonerworks produced the chapbook Cr ch 2011. Luna Bisonte Prods published Magnetic Poems in 2011 & Drilling for Suit Mystery in 2012, a collection of collaborations with John M Bennett & C. Mehrl Bennett. Jem Tabs, a companion to DfSM is the latest eMTeVisPub edition, further collaborations with John M. Bennett.

ATORVTTK, eMTeVisPub #9, is a chapbook of Andrew Topel/Matthew Stolte collaborations. 24 b&w glossy pages with color cover 8.5 x 11. "Andrew sent me starter works in December 2011. He will also be producing a chapbook & having a show of our works after a brief show in Madison, Wisconsin, September 19-21, 2012."
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