John M. Bennett / OLVIDOS DEL PERU / 17


I felt my headache in the plastic
bag I knew my headache floating
a hole in the sidewalk I read
my headache bubbling
in the glass of filthy water I
clocked my dolor de cabeza en
your head my dolor de cabeza
squeezed in your shoe my
foot I found my jaqueca
groping in my pocket for a
bill of 10 soles my headache
grown in the lamp inching up
the wall in the hormiga hiding
in the foot of your bed my dolor de
calabaza dribbling off the edge of
a plate’s my headache’s a
coin and a can of tuna fish my
dolor de calambre your ear your
watch your pool of meat your
dune of ash crossing the desert

I had a pain on the right, a suit on the left.
- Alexis de Toqueville
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