John M. Bennett / OLVIDOS DEL PERU / 32

olvido de la huaca

I rained in the gutter with a
crushed plastic bottle rolled in
the gutter with a comb of 2
teeth in the gutter I wept
like a twisted nail I sloughed
off in the gutter and my neck re
tailed the tilted stack of
hats I thought in the gutter what
the leg demanded what the
sky forgot I twirled and
smoked in the gutter stomped
on a cellphone and heard the
wind in the gutter I wiped my
ass and named the time of a
pebble in the gutter I smoked I
ground I remembered a steaming
hill in the gutter I coughed in
a flute and gushed toward the
river that slept and dried on
a stone in the gutter

...y se comió la piedra.
- El Inca Garcilasso de la Vega
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