John M. Bennett / OLVIDOS DEL PERU / 9


mmy mmud lung lake lung hoowoo cc
at snake lung my hhat lung buri
edd in the gravel lung of hhair and
ddust a ttongue lung ay llung stlipple
ffoggy what the cebiche lungg my
snorrt perro beast the ssshadow luung
what ddreaming in the ttooth lunng
lung caastrado wass lung mirrororrim
in the huaca chompa lung che
winng in a corner with the llaundry
ape my lung my bllistered maask
or lluunngg cllouding in my
ssandwich where the chheese was
gnul sttiffening ttoward my
llung my ggnnuull my nulg lnug my
swwallowwed chchair or    ch     ' air         

Puse en la silla mis agüitas.
- Nicanor Parra
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