Scott Keeney

On Meeting Aram Saroyan


Comic Black Furnace (Rothko Suite)

Untitled, 1949

arrested yellow folder

big black block

exhausting green avenue

No. 10, 1950

wired purple space

shadow mustard mattress

picket gray fence

White Center, 1950

lucid pumpkin fire

flying charcoal baton

chubby fandango come-on

No. 2, 1951

apple green grimace

very seashell band-aid

livid bacon strip

Untitled [Blue, Green, and Brown], 1952

underground indigo nightscape

swift phthalocyanine slide

braided brick collapse

Untitled, 1953

creepy magenta hammer

natural black sledge

flaming amber awareness

Untitled (Seagram Mural sketch), 1959

masked maroon seeing

catalog orange threshold

vast orange limitations

No. 14, 1960

recombinant tangelo pi

hospital twilight genome

stellar eggplant relapse

No. 4, 1964

period black amplifier

lab chocolate wag

no lightning anymore

Untitled, 1968

quantum plum polarity

quasi-religious gray streets

open-casket burgundy hug

Untitled, 1953

painted orange paper

comic black furnace

liquid almond fire

Untitled, 1969

scaleable seal temper

windswept ochre eyelids

untapped canvas frame

Untitled, 1969

transparent slate walk

washed-out ladyslipper hillside

invasive sienna fringe

Orange and Tan, 1954

fabulous orange blouse

tight tan skirt

contrapposto brown swoon

Hierarchical Birds, 1944

abraded Byzantium sky

cardboard copper eagle

illuminated cornflower river-bottom

Number 7, 1947/1948

Winter’s red Alaska

scattered orange square

concatenated salmon splatter

Untitled, 1945

fortunate gray matter

buffalo fog onion

swamp black tangle

No. 17 [or] No. 15, 1949

camped red ascension

the black cream

exact red attendance

No. 8, 1949

nude white nimbus

swayed brown suede

red within red

Untitled, 1949

serpent red scribble

plastic white heart

gated blue laugh-riot


                for Bill Keckler

Pigeon lipstick—
reversible head—
sunset neck.

Abandoned beard
dwelling in
the pussy willows.

Half-open window
surrounded by flowers—
a loose tooth

of chipped paint.
Irrational crane—
winged copper water.

There is rain
and there is the flavor
of rain.

Good Scream

Walking around The Times
I’m not spinning stories
questions like to be
esoteric years of effort
a silver whip of
                    and total devotion

conflict’s wander
                              to it

I’ve been the first
I’ve been in part
and have the last

I’ve been physical notions
harsh muscles of etcetera

Imagine the Ring of day
time figured
                    weight eliminated
in love at length
the hand and strength
like videos with fighters
the way electricity arms

Who needs to camera?
I hover around the sunshine.

flat-out juice
trains literally puke hell

impoverished bronze
comprehensive numbers
high paid Thursday
middleweight drama

nationalistic yoga
surprised on a primal level

overpowered afterwards

my Kali eyeballs
everyone knows 

Untitled (White and Black)

a dozen blank

returns the space

for the poem

Besides Otoliths, Scott Keeney's work has appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, Court Green, Everyday Genius, Failbetter, Gobbet, Juked, Mudlark, Reconfigurations, Shampoo, Tinge, and Truck, with many elsewhere. A limited edition, Sappho Does Hay(na)ku, was published in 2008.

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