Vernon Frazer

Direction Restored

the new portcullis necrophilia dagger
a courtly debacle passing as cool
releases the feel of a lowly plectrum
to ganders unstrung from barking
auto plasma stickers horn refulgent
as all-day shag vests parameter
nestling foreclothes in evening
garnish a ferocious tint to scuffle
the tentacle monopoly caught thrashing
the mystic vision of entropic decision
makers centrifugally forced their tunics
to lumber the years down a broken visage
ragged stencils turning briefs recumbent
slitheed across their radial spectrum
fully bent on blazing economic change
whenever the chronic footage arrives
defunct as remembered incandescence
flatbed trackers nonchalant at the moon
swivel or tarnished baking another
slow encumbrance in the traffic heat
beat sun down to twilight protesting dawn
a dusk crawling slowly past effulgent stickers
the foot of a line turning mindless and right
ladder vacations at the foot of the smile
a miller threads a tailor clustered along
the detritus benders looting ashore
insinuations of any nuance secretion
rather than stationed barricades aching
mental rationing particles to rhubarb
articulations essential to the herbal mix
when fisticuffs presume archaic legends
the terror missives resume their globe attack
on spiraling vortex splendor mats breeding
fascination cults too cool for the sullen
leer of disdain passed off as mere deferential
magnesium or twelve white flames of tribute
to dictionary warriors dispelled of truth
or pablum founders mumbling regal
teeth-filled camera bytes reflecting
the sickening news that rues the plain
discourse filament turned gamut detector
straining credible stories swollen legal
crust turned moist as leisure post-pursuit
adrenaline reflecting tepid pools to nearer
sediment nights turned slightly leftward
facile engineers bring suits to varnish
the looming floorboard before tuning
radio nations to machinate fashion revolt
cash in the prophetic vision enfolding
bills in the bathysphere’s aching wallet
soggy deed turned good on appeal
to a higher force than sobriety massage
for petulant scrotum venting measures
bragging riots need to fool intention
before the tongue can strike a word
of reference toward collages deferring
to remonstrance falsettos in armor
paladin rumors divulged afflatus platitudes
fronting amorphous dimensions sweating
humidity filters dwelling a distant inch
during blow storms fowling wind culture
amorous as the tumid uncertainty calling
apprehensive strategies unfold slowly
while rumination threads its weary barnacle
to cross-stitch the drama last caught
in foreplay episodes of runic frolic
rudderless impresario markers repay
moisture fabrication slot marketers
swallowing retail obliteration units
recalling every transfer modality garter
left to the retrospective imagination
strangling on pantyhose platitudes
nylon as the most transparent exchange
factored into entry before the recall prince
endowed his creator the alienation of cost
a benefit to ratio monger everywhere
the ear pencil holds an astute gaze
to balance hazing the grifting particles
past profligate decathlon entreaties
barking up the wrong distention quota
de facto imprint squabbles the tactic
where practical actors expecting to hear
impudent relations feed erratic tedium
to matrix blenders favoring screed tactics
over festoon dancing at breakneck
hydrants unleashed a mindful torrent
scattering particle allocation markers
over a fence-bred mausoleum filter
shafted their long illumination slants
across the yard where brambles weathered
seasonal afflictions to affectation purchased
under greeting hammers immune
to wind or sails yardage flumes too near
the dollar no dispensation acquired for a motto
left unplugged to ratchet weevil bales in need
of wire distancing before dawn afflicts the stolen
ones bearing carriage implode the oratorical
vacillation fixtures whose textures unfold
cataleptic legions over the mallway ramp
to throttle sites marked for destructive
credence amnesty where parking starlets
fee the lost valet per uplift or darkened shadow
placards weighing grange deficit predicted
reasonable discourse padding omelets
rationed to subjugate fertile naturalists
from inclement whether the knot twists
till passion fenders flash when bending
river pylons leading triangular fascination
to monument an icon’s foreign shore
regardless of incision or static depletion
the internal division repeats the tight model
shorn as her own fabric wore to thread
flaring phantom links to varicose nights
veining spiral affectations that pleaded
loose canons under smoke-filled yearning
lasting long axis derailment protrusion
facets intoned a paddled instep passing
their passion fashioner two-stepped
the grotto harness a sweepstakes unveiled
aleatoric replays cover the untraceable
at random sparks livid the right delay
portico yawning to the night’s living blade
a delay resumed when drawn conclusions
shadowed past the glimmer of their leaning

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