Aditya Bahl

Two Poems Taken from a Book of Grammar

1. An Interchange of Interrogative and Assertive Sentences

Who can touch pitch without being defiled?
Can any man by taking thought add a cubit to his stature?
What though the field be lost?
Is that the way a gentleman should behave?
Who does not know the owl?
Shall I ever forget those happy days?
Who is so wicked as to amuse himself with the infirmities of extreme old age?
Why waste time in this fruitless occupation?
Is this the kind of dress to wear in school?
Can you gather grapes from thorns or figs from thistles?

2. Transform the Following into Exclamatory Sentences

It is a horrible night
It was extremely base of him to desert you in your time of need
It is hard to believe that he did such a deed
I wish I had met you ten years ago
It is very stupid of me to forget your name
How cold you are.

A Sonnet for Ted Berrigan

a red boxer
a green boxer
a grey boxer
a green boxer
a blue boxer
a yellow boxer
a saffron boxer
a violet boxer
a beige boxer
a maroon boxer
a khaki boxer
a pink boxer
a black boxer
a white boxer

Aditya Bahl was born and brought up in the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh.
His poems have been rejected by countless magazines and journals.
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