John Pursch

Contumacious Kit

Old man Conner foundered on the spores of coarse and dearly pondered hydrazine expulsion, shunting pine beetles through forensic quarries, raucous and caressed by lumbering entrée sinks. How munching silicates catered from wishing swallows to shorn primeval jellyfish, suckling dog semantics tilled from androgynous oils, only a trembling caste horde can fondle.

He vented capital pinch controls, smiling into nebulae, suiting shelved mosses to freakish baths, ionic and clutched tonsil shout for chirping pout sunrise food, gloppy in dollops of purposeful cries. Time smelled on slicer scenes, porting life can mandibles to disavow pluperfect wind, jeering octagonal horse tide crests. A lip of syntactic release, prized by curfew imitators, scoured the clock’s side camphor shot for clove canons, gouging grown hint peekers, slotting cured banyan grief in relegated lint. Meeting walls blew across rivers of teeming nickel-iron spawners, hushing down fabrication chits, lapsing ribald eye sludge for weirdly coaxed curtains of Shetland pillars, fused in diatonic spa belts.

“Got farce temblors pond laundry fling, Contumacious Kit; way scene yore fleeting tirade spittle, grazed to hindered chiral slope,” enamoured tour examiners haunted black, fouling the old Con Man’s secretions.

“Whacked germane, thermals in pasty climb’s elf Yule bay screamin’ hefty nougat papier outre!” da Conner pleated back, tanking frown, throttled way whey crack, parked to crill east amulets in moonstruck super daze.

“Elquite, clim town, gnu; nether tabby sow exeunt et obsolete booties, pyloric quant,” the cooler tour obtained. “Guide on trickster blame canoe, lefts grunted, dealing blade of delicious cay,” locking Conner’s ship to final path, winding numbers bound to licensed grain.

Gleaming nylons sacked effusive ravers, chimps defaced an oozing moth’s ideology stump, and philatelic tickers cracked a mystic’s nerd trumpet, slaking thirty barn core minstrels for immersion’s woolen malt. Ivanhoe garbed the central pollywog in ritualistic shores, shouting drowned dueling motions into backcourt pomp. Everlasting crux heroics fell to normal favor wharves, blipping hefty import gallons, triadic rounds be tarnished by laws seldom sounding military, cashing out of paralytic causeway fumes.

His interstitial hopper frets, impressive troughs bespattered, caved along whale noun habituals, stoppered with gas, groping into MLK-5’s quarantined rodeo hope, surprising the radial uncle. Dutifully blonde und featured, nice effluent plied his slaving peas, piddling pots in Spanish swill, tawdry enough for vermillion crews.

Grammar Reloads

Welling up inside the Punctured Disc, crowds of diurnal sycophants aspire to falsified greed, sampling propeller granite and groping for pandering anemometer freaks. Hillocks emerge in downtown cavern bars, ossified to stellar hunks, flying perfect astral barnyard tomes to dictionary splurge semantics, remanding seasonal date machines to inward cerebellar monks.

From his console, Cowboy Ike glances periodic, snacking views of the drowning, whirling travail, mentioning to slave the idle, auguring whence inner berry grated wheel. Casual heft of bodice to sale, from Groin Zorro to Last Incubus, exculpating wholly obviated dearth, forms checkered juxtaposition’s turf sore notations. Steel reflections barricade his hovel, removal’s pleasure gobs nautically retrieved in cloven glove twirls, heaving a thousand dead instants across the world portal, bound for MLK-5.

His headset lifts to stasis, implying eastern sift: “Hemperlin crentable mochter, frenial inbrog. Quex ochter smoochian histeron, clammie cro tunerphel opt cirian waivit, Kirial See. Klempy om tounia?”

It’s raw feed from incept, granting coarse clairvoyance, lending parochial wrestler rocket routes to Cowboy’s million. He no longer needs the autobox to parse it, having made the trip a thousand times, delivered half a billion casual ties to this playground of floating skylines, plentiful senses, and soothing vernal mind.

“Rentov, Kirial’s unchia selt; hempie fentochle ooth,” he sings, flowing back to neural gauge set.

The Dream receives his fallen feathers, fueling cropped tangents, whipped chrome goblets glutted silently with sloped equine valor’s luminous mate. Mainly whiling away their laminated daze, victors stick to vectored moaning, riven to shinnying bets and sagacious aural elation, downing alley bruises chased with toxic waiter couth, blandly blithering campaign noise operands into stricture’s facial loin. Net to wander, laundered flowing salients emerge immersed in timeline foam’s cleansing grace, lost of mammaries, mobile under dubiety’s busted chippers, searing nodal blend pond ousters, trudging into a few nouns. Grammar reloads instantly, stumping Jakarta’s severed shins, launching helper retrograde, steered to holler for only doffed manicotti isles.

Chalking Excelsior

Stained elastic mesmerists plan extraterrestrial pot lucks for aerated phylogenetic misfits, pent down with cruising gel operatives, hovering between surly aural clay pot moles, when predated anemones goof on peristyles for hominy poultice. Pleas are glimpsed by locality buffs, clamoring for potted espadrilles and tonal squash parameters, fluted in dappled bronze, wholly impassive but didactic in sensorial gluttony’s postprandial sundries. Hooves cower before undying blimp sarongs, clacking lathered tonsure against a trolley’s racial spline, carding feature sets for ominous quartets. Noon senses inglorious vacancies, ringing in the saddled clone’s nominal interplanetary plaudits, bidding welfare quotients beneath infernal glaze retreat. Semblances of human situations beckon, luring pyrrhic rebirth, undulating atop an oceanic bauble’s sandy shelter, in salted rays of thinning pride. Lion compartments creak in jungle platters, defying oil monikers, pelting baronal tweezer bins, fueling op art cashews with noshing adulation. Dresses pile fraudulent milk beside cold-calling magi speed, chalking excelsior, sipping boomtown choices to cast mayoral grotto dues. Uppity shares squirt irregular lemur lozenges, splashing molar sinecures, waved along by queried spinsters in lieu of pardoned wrestlers.

Manic geriatric catchers mediate for battered elk, singing to newfound lunge braziers, sported across razored trawlers. Blowfish pop-gun quadrangles fester in geometric creases, desecrating natal asphalt’s pristine case with lewd cringers who tumble for easy essayists. Gearhead sloops clog collaborators till airborne spoils imply the opined derriere, flashing cheese cons in facsimiles of deaf merchants. Garrulous utterances pry apart an understudy’s guttural alibi, deposing feathered dimes, splendid in thermal internment boos. Tranquil ants enjoy spun noggin bruises, topping creamed tellers with catsup stoles, crushing windward sophists in the vicar’s canned fusion. Buttons repress ancillary trains, impaled on wide-eyed lasers, cheering lost precedents to buried heights of symbiotic ganders. Effaced by morbid causeway orts, merely phased to grappling Chinook species, wounded vendors bottle addled cattle parts, withering to shanked pop-ups in the morning choir’s denouement. How tucked and parried this coddled caustic causality can seem, facing laundry’s turntable, screwed to sounds of hell-bent crashers in casks of foaming whiskers.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. His work has appeared in many online literary journals, including The Camel Saloon, Counterexample Poetics, and experiential-experimental-literature. His fiction work “Watchingstoned, T.V.” was recently nominated for the Sundress Best of the Net 2012 Anthology. His first book, Intunesia, is available in paperback from White Sky Books at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks. You can follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/johnpursch or on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/john.pursch.
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