Liam Ferney


you cannot
but help to taste

for poison
on those flowers

i secrete between your lips
beneath your tongue.

while ghost gums
in mid-morning

take up positions
on the hill

like soldiers
before tomorrow's

hard won carnage.

Korea 1 – Portugal 0

He asked at the right nightspots
but the rumours persisted uncontested
& it's true the prophets had not been so bold
as to predict Figo pickpocketed on the flank
& the streets alive with packed flat back trucks,
& alleyways full of drums and water pistols.
While the internet hummed, a malarial climate,
hope was securitised, Chicago-listed:
OB soaked t-shirts, the bravest revellers
                               baptised in canals.
Orion's belt had emerged above
but we knew nothing of galaxies
oblivious to the portents of discontent.

Liam Ferney's first collection, Popular Mechanics, was published in 2004 and was followed by the chapbook Career in 2011. He is a former Poetry Editor for Cordite. Currently living in Brisbane where he works in public relations, he has lived in the United States, South Korea and the United Kingdom.
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