SS Prasad

Talking Circuits

SS Prasad writes:
"I was reading Paul Roberts’s “English Sentences” in which he introduces grammar by comparing it with an electronic machine with rules built into it. It’s a first possible meaning he associates with grammar, of the several others he offers. In the book ‘The Chip’, the journalist T.R.Reid tries to explain an electronic circuit as a sentence. The components such as resistors, capacitors and inductors are like parts of speech of language.

"An expert in language leans to another seemingly unrelated field: electronics (and science in general) to explain the basics of his, and vice versa. Then there is perhaps a convergence point. The two are not necessarily parallel fields, they incline upon each other. Poetry is one probable solution to the equation of these two curves.

"I was pleasantly surprised to read ‘Electrical Circuitry’ by James McLaughlin in the last issue of Otoliths. A few years ago, I briefly started an experiment where instead of feeding electrical signals, I input words to circuits. I was interested in the nature of sentences that might get created; I called the series ‘Talking Circuits’. They become poetry at the point where they are English and electronics at the same time."
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