Bobbi Lurie

anesthesia beneath the mask

being knocked out fifth time take more body parts i.v. drip silvery instruments mint green gowns familiar the officious indifferent fog of what happens next and yes its alternative at home again and again and again and less and less calls visits diminish desire to live if yes in the terror of interior mimic face swollen with anger threadbare velvet frail

our undoing done smoldering

no longer a world in a valley of skulls beneath the skin faking it for so long that the dying ones are lonely they rest but continue in the canyon on the lip sipping from a spoon swallowing pills taking shots standing on cliffs thinking of the deep dive with the car but the unknown always there survival a possibility to surrender to earth means sometimes needing to live longer than wanted the tar pits exist so people trust in time they trust in tenure they had to take the teeth out of my wings then destroyed my habitat no longer manhattan but blistered in new mexico the raging su(o)n the chiles racial hatreds

if only good-bye

pale hand drops off side of bed uttering last burning wish to lose secret universe of words

These pieces are from Bobbi Lurie's the morphine poems, recently published by Otoliths. The book can be purchased here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/bobbi-lurie/the-morphine-poems/paperback/product-20299925.html or here: http://www.amazon.com/morphine-poems-Bobbi-Lurie/dp/0987201050.
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