Dane Karnick


Indigenous sorrow
ingesting each
hypnotic rebirth
of bleak recipe
by salvaging scraps
from this age of reuse
with breath control
poised in view
of CNN
as voyeur for
the brain onstage
performing chords
one octave below
while I wait out
the end of pregnancy.


Strange to think I
answer questions
with logic that
spends a summer
on each inquiry
by following a
scavenger hunt so
only bits and pieces
catapult the surface
embellished with
vintage pinball
how to decipher
the lever and ball in
this bedtime story
reading me my rights
pleasantly resigned
to incarceration.

My Manifesto

is nothing more than
dismissive doo-wop
cross-dressing in
a block party for
camaraderie which
is jerry-rigged
to illustrate
audacious pixels
vinyl packaged as
austere and weightless
a recent graduate
of knocking on doors
that redefines my
stomp-and-shout song
while nudging towards
a dissenting voice in
a candlelight vigil.

Dane Karnick grew up by the Colorado “Rockies” and lives in Seattle. His poetry has recently appeared in Ditch, Jellyfish Whispers, The Neglected Ratio and Dead Snakes. Visit him at www.danekarnick.com.
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