Raymond Farr

Vindre Eage (Wind’s Eye)
For/After J. D. Nelson

To one gull [dull as
an ego]
                       a spittoon’s 
a cartoon

Brings meaning a bucket

Looks always 
               up words

               covert as Jones
but in a balloon


As blood of the manor, I am thinking of Petrarch & Karl Marx at thinking


I am
docked at a voice box

                  writes pelicans a
shoe box
                   [size 9 not 11]

For he who is rattled

has saddled up RANDOM
In September
w/pine cones

Enchants without chair


In toasted golden crispiness of poems
Off key is to sing

Some KALL it a boa
Some paint it a pebble

“…a tout a l’heure, you boat refugee!”

If we 
Buckets of NARRATE…

we hang in time2

Reprisals Are Free Not Complimentary
What is this Age of Being & Nothingness & Being That we exist in?— Marcel Duchamp rants at a nail Hans Arp believes he’s a roof Banana in hand & coming to order They motor in fins Lacking a tomb bomb In this strategy A species of paradigm That I nick name Fandango Hoists itself up On the banks of Dada’s pink river But if the center will not hold The images still While teaching the eye All about ovals & wandering thoughts Should I pause in the onslaught Of tortured illusions? Appearing as a bridge appears? On one bank—a xe, a xhe Aligning their torsos Preparing for love-making On the other bank— A self-aware figure
The View from Our Beds
Who is this mental zoo-person going To kill tonight? His magazines bear thought —a whizzer Of the unbreakable foreknowledge Of consequence He manipulates the Outcome Streaming live Video feeds Like melted ice cream Until The outcome is Flawed, A fault has occurred * —spar & spire Drag us from the view From our comfortable beds For what is that sound, That demeaning immoral hush But someone divine Decrying the bosses His or her vanity Abandoned for the dogs’ sake * —in the half blurred horizon No mitigation The clouds metamorphose Into shapes that are evil Into shapes that are goodness Whole Entire Civilizations having packed up & abandoned the neighborhoods * Nothing is for good this time Nothing is for the better Overall Other cities’ gravity lacks semblance Of hands The cup of the world is spilling out The looks on the faces of angels Are forcing the issue As though a simple Summer breeze Means exile— Is, in fact, a predominant symptom

Raymond Farr is the author of two free ebooks: Two Texts, and chainge (White Sky Ebooks 2010, 2011) as well as numerous books in print, including Ecstatic/.of facts (Otoliths 2011), Purple Mountain Believers (Blue & Yellow Dog Press 2011), and There Is Something Missing in the Whole Transaction between Us (Blue & Yellow Dog Press 2011). His work has also been anthologized in Sidebrow 01 Anthology.He is editor of Blue & Yellow Dog.
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