William Garvin

Hypnotised by the killer, we
were moving slowly, silently on a
revolving dance floor: reimbursing ancient
night, cruising the wild, candlelit theatres of
old Europe: certainty vanishing in a flurry of
passers-by. There was no warning; thoughts
flashing like panthers caged in white light,
dazzling to be observed. She wore a red
military tunic, the real game playing
where it started; return bays
blitzed by electric storms,
rumoured where you
find me…

…leap after daring leap, one roof after the next; a murky soup of light- polluted         
                    night sky. A general error occurred, interior scenes were taking place 
                                  elsewhere. Cast into the heavy rain & cynicism of subsequent      
                                                      eras, everything about him had changed. Children   
                                                                    seemed older than time. No-one appeared;   
                                                                                              an angel, a witness - so why    
                                                                                                                       should I still? 

William Garvin’s first poetry collection, no exit, was published by Arthur Shilling Press in 2010.
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