Catherine Vidler

Unfinished poem

Could you shut the poem?
Would you mind shutting the poem?
It’d help to have the poem shut.
It’s getting a bit crowded in here.
Shall we keep out the words?


Now, what have you forgotten to do?

A tetrad for the restoration of a Pennsylvanian age coal swamp

(Shows, left)                                                          (Shows, right)

scale trees                                                             scouring rushes

(Shows, lower left)                                             (Notes)

seed ferns                                                               large dragonfly

20-dollar poem

Furless towers

potbellied typefaces.

Watchdogs, sightly

innovate clockwise.


gobbledegook toboggans
boycott awfully,

longsome lowlands.


Glass-blowing poem

No air                                                                            Bright, yellow,

Some air                               Bright blue                   Light blue

More air                                Bright blue                                                 Roaring sound

Still more air                        Bright blue                    Violet
                                                                                                                         Gentle hiss

Even more air                     Translucent-Violet
- less gas                                                                                                        Gentle hiss

Five-mooded poem

1.    The poem comes / is coming / came.
2.    The poem is said to be coming / it is said that the poem came.
3.    Is the poem coming / did it come?
4.    So the poem is coming after all!
5.    But the poem was going to come! (and now it turns out it is not)

Catherine Vidler's first collection of poems Furious Triangle was published by Puncher and Wattmann in 2011. She is the editor of online literary magazine Snorkel (www.snorkel.org.au)
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