George McKim


there is no white. only
your teeth that drink the stars

your teeth are the cloud that is not cloud. only
teeth that give birth to a thousand suns

there is no sun. only
your hips that birth the universe

a hawk appears in the white
is a cloud that your skin bleeds a poem

a disrememberance

my name is
johnway negacy

let's count the brick c
maybe heave

is bric
k built the
cloud of johnway ne

a hawk is
always the death star with
k eyes

the cloud has many throat
you ask?

the usual

cloud of rockets
clearing her face

sudden blood
roars in the forest bottles

the window screeching
falling away, falling, falling

the accordion distance creaking
eyes lightning back and forth

George McKim earned an MFA in Painting in 1985. He began writing at the age of 56 and is self taught in the art of poetry. His poetry has been e-published in Diagram, elimae, Cricket Online Review, Otis Nebulae, Anemone Sidecar, The Dirty Napkin, Blaze Vox, Poets and Artists Magazine, REM Magazine and others.

His artwork has been exhibited in group shows in regional galleries and museums and has been e-published in Drunken Boat, Prick of the Spindle, Muzzle Magazine, Monarch Review, Otoliths, Portland Review Online and Viral Cat.
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