Lance Newman

Ribonucleic Tityrus in Mali

Our she-goat, our ravished water-spring, Tityrus observed in Islamic protein his civil cousin, hope. Tityrus’s gene milk faded in Rome, that Tuareg-dominated home of song.

Each bearded great, each instant nation came at the control group: osiers in the court. Contagious Amaryllis smoked in the city, the election nigh.

Mediated Islamists sang afar, and there was movement in the ribosomes of Kidal. Tityrus and Amaryllis were left in the vineyard with mutineering proteins in their hearts.

Long answer: the dams, the bees (Be strict now, Meliboeus), the armed leaf-cutters, and the golden oaks, formed single-stranded neighbors. (Chain Mali's memory to Saharan November.

Master northern DNA with hope and sugar. Drive nucleic acids to silvan Acherif. Call some François who’ll stream familiar rock
en Français, in repose on a bare phosphate cot.)

Three-dimensional Meliboeus’s fighting Islamists o’erspread the mighty twins of Rome. The nucleic vines of Libya twisted ‘neath Azawad.

Twice, the ribosomes of Mali hoped for willow-flowers in the Saharan fall. Behold their master visions of cypress, their memory of independence!

The Islamists of Tigris found the barber of Galatea’s thunder-stricken fields were ill with oaks and ribose sugar.

The Maghreb’s defenders armed the barber's ligase workhorse, and double-stranded Meliboeus reigned until chimneys possessed the cities of cast-out Britain.

Pliant Algeria's DNA, thy restoration see! What alien gene, what northern wonder, was returned cooing when insurgent Meliboeus led Acherif against the molecules of otherwhere?

Chain drives, cast-iron cities, and stateless RNA exiled sugar. The coup’s happy pastures fed linear flocks, naked for self-determination.

The law deemed January tender as a single-stranded offshoot. Ah! How many days are acid-green as another’s naked eyes?

O their DNA was sundered, base from base, end to end.
The drink of the week was uracil. In Acherif, moaning shepherds fed on nucleotides.

Might makes instability, initially through sweet linear movement, then by hanging base-pairing RNA from our life-blood.

While old France typically fished in Azawad for genetic visions, the chestnut lovers suspended slender native songs. No major key, no freedom.

When potent whelps faced vineyard soldiers, there was play enow. There was a synthesis of bulls 'mid visions of aftertime.

O the information trunk forced its length beneath the smoke of reclining Mali and eyed hope in Islamic transcription.

Meliboeus compared the onus of government to old bonds, to the old Jihad court with ravished cells. The favored pair roamed and fed on oats in the trees.

Malian proteins streamed nucleotide messengers of independence to Meliboeus, who drank to Cretan weaponry and rebellious cousins.

In July, the great Tuareg coup d'état, sugary as clover-flower, gave a ribosome of difference from the wide steppes of Committee Democracy.

Tityrus smoked otherwhere, in fields overrun with strands of rebellion. The smoke cried, Tityrus, find a shepherd president 'mid Earth’s woods.

Sluggard Amaryllis, mediated simpleton, left Meliboeus to battle his burning flock, to face soldiers 'neath pillowed DNA, hapless as base-pairing kine.

In the rear, Islamist defenders made vineyards to process nucleotides and released the lowly shepherd's contagious gift in Rome’s three-dimensional flock.

Tityrus thought, Flood, whereto flow the rich bonds of France in Galatea. Our steppes raise protein man, hoarse president of cell biology and group control.

The government’s heart’s overrun with the acid harvest of freedom. Behold, 'twas rock in happy fields. Behold, altars inherit the silvan world.

The osiers of Mali, the insurgent peoples of cytosine played gentle on pillows of single-stranded song. Bare molecules bonded to whiter forms.

The Saharan backbone pressed forth green on the steppes to Tityrus’s delight, that January simpleton, that cheese master of Rome.

In a bare inherited cave of memory, proteins grafted Meliboeus’s RNA to Islamic Rome, to the beech-canopy, to the national sugar drink.

Now reconciled, the people said, Ah! to a turf roof and sang Amaryllis’s tarrying stags, the native genes of Mali. Tityrus folded RNA around a play god blinded in the coup and sprang fresh kine.

Sourced from the Internet Archive’s translation of Virgil’s Eclogues, a boiler-plate article on RNA from a content-aggregator, and the Wikipedia article on the conflict in Northern Mali (accessed January 13, 2013).

Lance Newman’s poems have appeared in many print and web magazines, including BlazeVox, Fringe, Moria, No Tell Motel, nthposition, Otoliths, Pemmican, Perigee, Stride, West Wind Review, Zyzzyva, and 1913: A Journal of Forms. His two chapbooks, Come Kanab (Dusi-e/chaps Kollectiv, 2007) and 3by3by3 (Beard of Bees, 2010), are freely available on the web.
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