Paul Pfleuger, Jr.


THE HOMETOWN—News glued camera eye on the manhunt the ticker along screen bottoms the scene where the low angle of the mayor offers stock comfort the underdog sense of the wrongly viral stuck ghosts of snowed in histories on paper the blueprints of less living rooms in the hyperlight of investigation the stretch to relate to single-motherness the accents vague shadows in twisted arm statements the mourning blogosphere grammar in herd ipsum lorem spin justice promised the experiential expert affiliated headed monster witnesses bearing further clicks and flashes scoops of human interest the backward segues to other shootings the opened prepackaged fire reportage scattered about the city the comment thread on gun control the SWAT team and special robots one clipboard to another authorities converging into the script of the fatal drama at the hospital the surgeon at large in the smallness of the dot come hither those stayed tuned panned in and out of our ways of weeping at the tongues in the honey of her face shot off.


out of strippers the snakeskin weeping at the funeral instead of lying cold enough aside from dizzy music shaking in the full stop of red engines ago over overread night with Job within paddy fields gold during sigh then in the thick of neon sense through a scuttling mist a couple happening within shade attempts at describing lost years of it between theunplayed with among feathered things unsent to two too close to lost ones around glass before us we people around it in the pacing room where sun gets since she left the room drunk tank pink outside playing the child widowed guitar round the knockout blow paused called to the kitchen behind lobby magazines attractions weather in the frame was somewhere to be against as beyond the kitchen puzzles over us in while slipping out of statistics within trees that lasted on edge cloud shapes we mean on the edge of prickling sense past drunk the assonance of lost chances versus at sentence control down time on paper thoughts toward the grid of lights through the photoshopped storm signified sense of hunger against the narrative ocean within the yellow of her eyes the concern bible width during a too long talking to under its breath the drift of paved wild

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.’s poems have appeared in a number of print and online publications. He’s the assistant editor of the online journal R’r and lecturer in English at a national university in Taiwan. His blog is amidst vs. and he has a forthcoming collection to be released by Red Moon Press in early 2013.
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