Sam Langer


the hero tied his toothbrush through
their clean names for wind
& they think backwards news
is a monologue

if you stuff up
see you through bottles
behind the mirror where battles end
in the skull a head blooms wind
the city up behind him considering
some of the victims could sour


"negativity's power grows outside
of this repressive

totality, from forces &
movements that are

still untouched by the
so-called 'luxury

society''s aggressive & repressive
productivity, or that

have freed themselves from
this development already,

& therefore the historic
chance to go

a truly other industrialisation/
modernisation's way, a

human progress's way to
go." marcuse, 1965.

HELD / Bag is


upside down
the new normal
tooth burster


dank cave walls own language

I was always such a happy child,
kicking the agapanthus heads
feeling giant glands vibrate
in the inert summer

afternoon pounded by
whatever cars followed the contour of
horseflies' panic patterned
attempt to leave air for blood
call it the numbers
entombed in the trees'
out of battery phone

"hearts of dust are provd"


in the here i am emu
lator, again, better rat

on my affects' deep
Quadrant or Blood & Honour

knife is to plumb as uniform
skull to hell? hey you,

rogained so called lawn cough
my tale bone into action:

he woke & slept &
obvious keats leaked guns

from night's stomach's lips.
then james woods came

clearing gnostic TV wolves
of their ticks is destiny

according to mucous
lead. warm mug

vaseline, 2 coal sandwich
then back to bed.

it's "not transformers"
- why, because

unicron wins? if defeat is
opposite of eating

that is? dreaming harder the
further pleasure gets

from shockwave, soundwave...
joy extracted

rain, a white needle avoid
ed arousing mutts...

Sam Langer was born in Melbourne in February 1983 and then finished a B.A. in May 2007. At present he lives in Berlin. He has edited 3 issues of Steamer. His work has also appeared in Cormac McCarthy's Dead Typewriter, and a chapbook, Law You Can Eat, is available from Munted Beyond Press. samuel underscore langer at yahoo dot com dot au.
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