Sam Moginie


goat takes music lessons too
pathology let rot the attractors of pathos carriers error hoarding
the bicycles look like families and
art doesn’t work because it’s the afternoon
nobody is up for work not even the families
Saturday morning you can hear the pianos plonking
pleasant hesitant celebrant byron’s
telling you to be alone or about tempe
anyway that’s not byron that’s byron’s example
whose trip hop whose a hog
towards liberty
it’s a colouring competition
too bad your partner is allergic to purple carrots
but we can find something for them
the pots are clunking and the gas is humming
meadow’s appear ok enough
i’m looking out for a teraphim
why collage so cosmic playlist antibody
white keys and them only for your melancholia
and its taste in shoes
if summer is on maternity leave and
autumn temping
will grasses ever go this colour again?
colour of hokkien noodles straw or acid
turn on a wing and i’ve asked you not enough times
if pageturners have weight
i’m asking you again
you’re mentioning frida and armstrong as if
sarcasm cannot upkeep

it’s like minority report but for repo men
the tomatoes need feeding and the cats do
influencer moves in down the road goat doesn’t like this
no more sunset cigar strolls rules the local
hamburger court
army type calm persons aim
zeus is their prime minister paddy their
driver aunt calamity the signwriter
also writes the poems in bold helium letters
on the rocks of the suicide cliff
to stop people jumping and it works!
it’s terminal anyway and opens a whole field
for bards to operate in
trucks dartboards interiors and the lookouts

you can convince him to be happy but by himself
he is a mermaid and that is how we
should operate

Sam Moginie rents in Marrickville, Sydney.
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