Samit Roy

Mo(u)rning Time

"আমাদের মণিহীন সাদা চোখ থেকে কথাগুলি - সব কথা, সব শব্দ, সব বোধ, সব কিছু - হারিয়ে গিয়েছে। আমাদের মণিহীন সাদা চোখে রোজ রোজ সকাল নেমেছে।"

"Words are lost from our pupil-less white eyes — every word, every phrase, every sense, everything. Morning filled our pupil-less white eyes, everyday."

The Bengali words shown on the newspaper in the piece above are randomly selected words like 'death' 'death village' 'murderers' 'robbery' 'dead' etc., clipped from actual newspapers I read every morning!

Samit Roy is a visual artist and poet who, believes that every "successful" art object is the result of a series of interrelated social events, and whose work explores both the visual characteristics of text and narrative elements of visuals. Brought up in the gray zones between urban Victorian Kolkata and its semi-rural suburbs, and lived in various mega cities of India due to his job as visual designer and creative director, his work further attempts to articulate a small part of the history of his time and context. His work has appeared in Annetna Nepo, Kaurab, Natun Kabita, Journal of Canadian Institute of International Affairs, Otoliths, Venereal Kittens, Sous Rature, and many more. More work can be found at: http://www.facebook.com/works.of.samit.roy & http://visualsamit.blogspot.com.
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