John Ryan

cultural divide

oiseau est le mot

the compass on their legend charted unknown courses

unheard tones from a scale unseen

John Ryan is a struggling writer whose work has appeared in several small press publications few are likely to have read, a struggling artist whose digital photography has been exhibited in regional galleries few are likely to have visited and a struggling musician whose compositions have appeared on genre specific compilations few are likely to have heard. Most recently, his poem, 'The Hour of the Slowest Clock', is in the current (May) issue of Snow Monkey, 3 photos were included in the Signs of Our Times exhibit at Palach Galerija, Croatia and his composition 'Seasonal Affected Disorder (distant rains arrive mix)' appeared on Petroglyph Music’s A X-Mas Compilation. He blogs about free Creative Commons music at http://soundsfromtheouteredges.wordpress.com
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