Marco Giovenale

[biopage 01]

smile and stand up from the sand and [77]
smile to the tunnel [78]
be not october comic store heroes [79]
on the brink of stardom [80]
after a supporting role as columbus successful candidates with retail management experience [81]
the 750 burnt stations slowly stand up [82]
darwin saw a similarity [83]
on may 22 [84]
not willing to walk [85]
to finally solve the mystery of the king [86]
a routine home repair that ends in a linen bed [87]
i see laws of nature rather than north america miracles [88]
screen fantasy means that nena cares you, especially under stress [89] 
in 1847 [90]
stretch hand [91]
take white towel, search for the submarine i-50 [92]
or were other factors to blame? [93]
2 people chew the fat office and [94]
struggle to find a home with enough space, airports, this solar system is the theater of the universe, population zero, imagine one minute from now [95]
i really don't want to make a whole lot of noise then fall flat on my face [96]
i knew scientists were going to launch a high-tech forensic investigation [97]

Marco Giovenale (1969) lives and works in Rome. He’s editor of http://gammm.org and other blogs and sites. His most recent books of (linear) poems in Italian are In rebus (Zona, 2012) and Shelter (Donzelli, 2010.) Artbooks: Sibille asemantiche (La camera verde, 2008;) and, under the name Differx, the following ebooks from Vugg Books: aweapon (2008,) Severe red (2009) and unrelated | undepicted | (diptychs) (2010.) Asemic pieces are also published in the series This is Visual Poetry. Several "asemic sibyls" are in Nazione indiana, Sleepingfish, Chernovik, satt.org, and Fieralingue, in the Anthology Spidertangle edited by mIEKAL aND (Xexoxial Editions, 2009,) and in the The Last Vispo Anthology.
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