James Mc Laughlin

                                                                                                 sonnet 1

                                                                                                  squeal or swallow light
                                                                                                        flickered fecundity  \eloquence
                                                                                                    a tangerine
                                                                                                    brook lime flower Aceldama 
                                                                                                  bloodshed scene crimson 
                                                                                                     petal cell cuplike hollow steady
                                                                                                         one seeded
                                                                                                         edacious stream jocular pertained 
                                                                                                       edaphone living    organism
                                                                                                        indigenous another decomposing
                                                                                                        green in spectrum yellow
                                                                                                         if blue like
                                                                                                         vegetable foliage so envious
                                                                                                          jealous pale saffian

                                                                                                   sonnet 2


                                                                                                     dividing blush  /lipstick
                                                                                                    edge driven   scratch   scowl
                                                                                                    cow lash folding

                                                                                                        cloud  fugacious/ loop 
                                                                                                      vent drip vaginating 
                                                                                                           ooze to obdurate white

                                                                                                        discomfort bough languid 
                                                                                                        luscious/ leaf /lime rayed/ finger                     
                                                                                                         acrylic blue / light star/ star
                                                                                                        taught temporal toccata 
                                                                                                            under root   compound solid rigid 
                                                                                                          outer whorl  green colour 

                                                                                                    sonnet 3


                                                                                                    scour   and bare rasp / berried
                                                                                                        scrub  sabulous skinned                   

                                                                                                         and fixing forming                                                                                                                                                        

                                                                                                        transluce rub  eyes for
                                                                                                        orchard exclusion from 
                                                                                                        pointing outwards spiced                        
                                                                                                        wine  lymph node and print
                                                                                                        quills brink resistor
                                                                                                        of glosses or commentaries
                                                                                                        moss graveolent / rank 

                                                                                                          guttiferous  gum yield    air


                                                                                                    sonnet 4

                                                                                                       sun/set  lem on     d 
                                                                                                          tracing  paper  faux
                                                                                                       an  ersatz glazing tree   roll on
                                                                                                  to upper   feel     d
                                                                                                    lemon remorse   acerbic flanging
                                                                                                   and gentle     ro    ll ing
                                                                                                        our  brittle oaths|||||
                                                                                                    and    colours   
                                                                                                               recharging to knife thick  / flick
                                                                                                     pastel smear and li   / li   lac
                                                                                                            and oh / range cut slice
                                                                                                                  and rip
                                                                                                             ripe on  and
                                                                                                           on          rolling

                                                                                    sonnet 5

                                                                             stream  oak   leaf
                                                                                lachrymal drench secreting organ
                                                                             fringed scrutiny 

                                                                                       appraisal adjective 
                                                                                 tear shaped mighty weeper/ sweep
                                                                                 refringence to crack pine
                                                                             coned knot /    agitation
                                                                                dank indifferent the song
                                                                              insipid   recubation
                                                                              falter line curvaturing the degree
                                                                              a line of surface
                                                                                rapacious by extortion  /sun
                                                                                    now pastoral resuscitation 
                                                                                ancestral green/ acrid/ pool            baize

James Mc Laughlin is a poet and artist from Dumbarton in Scotland. He is sub editor of Ditch poetry magazine. His publications include: Shearsman’s Magazine 2011/12/, Slip (redceilings), Aeido: KfandSpoons Press, Text One: KfandSpoons Press. Up and coming publications: Justified Sonnets 2013: 71 mainstream to experimental sonnets.
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