Johannes S. H. Bjerg

white holes III - superstring

palms clasp I bow before fog sneezes snow

a minor suction once a feather I get mites

exuberance a superstring tuned to 456Hz renaissance style

wave upon wave upon I hear steps

jugalbandi Northern pillars sheltering anemones

whatwedidn'tsayanddoandwishwe'd a lot

“pst! I'm sure the night comes from him singing”

fifth door on the left the waterfall-room leaks

in a future spring (not that far away) tablets galore

locusts galore Pesach in the age of a wall

OCD longevity among cardboard furniture

public confession time seemehearmedon'ttouchme

Jean Gabin's face / Jean Gabins ansigt

Sunday the face of Jean Gabin en couleurs too

søndag Jean Gabins ansigt også en couleurs


soixante trois BB sways in front of Mare Nostrum

soixante trois BB svajer foran Mare Nostrum


bakelite phones fermé la bouche and strong coffee

bakelittelefoner fermé la bouche og stærk kaffe


not un mot about Gauloises Fantomas kicks ass

ikke un mot om Gauloises Fantomas sparker røv


mais qu'est-ce que c'est fashion model no 33 faints

mais qu'est-ce que c'est modemodel nr 33 besvimer


crime remnants of La Belle Epoque round every corner

forbrydelse rester af La Belle Epoque rundt om ethvert gadehjørne


blue the sky above Paris and le visage de Fantomas

blå himlen over Paris og le visage de Fantomas


comme toujours Bach on the organ among the ruins and arrogance

comme toujours Bach på orgelet mellem ruinerne og arrogance


élexir du bonheur giant buttons on giant contraptions

élexir du bonheur kæmpe knapper på kæmpe apparater


or lamé she is bleached beyond repair

or lamé hun er afbleget hinsides hjælp


patriotique every getaway car is a citroën

patriotique alle flugtbiler er en citroën


embrasse-moi in a hen house the tie remains smooth

embrasse-moi i et hønsehus slipset forbliver glat


c'est rien we're in Marseille in no time

c'est rien vi er i Marseille på ingen tide


the fake chauffeur smiles it's been 20 years since the war

den falske chauffeur smiler der er gået 20 år siden krigen


je suis trés organisee remember to say trésorganisee

je suis trés organisee husk at sige trésorganisee


la moto crashed pointy shoes everywhere

la moto smadret spidse sko over alt

Johannes S. H. Bjerg is a Dane still living in Denmark. He writes simultaneously in Danish and English due to the lack of a contemporary haiku community in Denmark which has made him look to other countries and the international haiku world. He has published four books of haiku and haiku based poetry: Støv, Danish, 2010 - self published (BOD, Denmark), Penguins/Pingviner - 122 bilingual haiku, English and Danish, Cyberwit, India 2011, Parallels, English, (haiku based parallel verse), Yettobenamedfreepress.org, England, 2013 (on yettobenamedfreepress.org you can find a free ebook of Parallels), and Threads/Tråde, English and Danish, 2013, self published, Createspace/Amazon (serial/sequential one-line haiku) (this can be read on Scribd.)

He is the initiator of and one of three editors of "Bones - a journal for contemporary ku" (www.bonesjournal.com)
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