Eileen R. Tabios


chimed unison
dwindling startled analysis

They do not know to be startled when adoption is presented as a benefit. Perhaps decades later—if they survive the ensuing years—when they stumble on a mirror that reflects the ghosts of blood ancestors, they will utter what they did not know to chime as children: This relationship begins with loss. If they become poets, they might add, “Redress” is not synonymous with “benefit.”

Ensuing years—oh, poetry is so not worth the dwindling

Eileen R. Tabios has released 24 print, four electronic and 1 CD poetry collections; an art essay collection; a “collected novels” book; a poetry essay/interview anthology; and a short story collection. Her most recent release is THE AWAKENING: A Long Poem Triptych & A Poetics Fragment (theenk books, New York, 2013). She blogs at http://angelicpoker.blogspot.com; edits Galatea Resurrects, a popular poetry review journal at http://galatearesurrects.blogspot.com; and curates a number of online projects such as SitWithMoi, a mini-books on mini-chairs project at http://sitwithmoi.blogspot.com.
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