Jean Vengua


Tisket Tasket

hen ivy
origins necrology microcopies

Through the speakers her voice croons, a tisket a tasket I lost my yellow basket. Sunlight passes and waves from outside. A necrology walks in, says hello. Are you together? Caramel macchiato, please. It be spring now. He cackles, a chicken in the rough, an orphan in the nest. Elvis, Elvis Presley…I’m all shook up and soon forgotten. The cupcakes are frosted pink, white, and green, too soon, too soon…love is a spark, lost in the dark… Is this prose, or just a pose? Is the hen lost in the ivy? Cakes under glass await loving eyes, foreground a yellow wall and a line of bottled syrups: red, orange, lemony, red, blood, cane sugar clear. Choices, choices. The barrista pours micro-copies of Italian sugar sops. In the corner, the roaster grinds exotic beans.

Jean Vengua is the author of a collection of poetry, Prau, and a chapbook, The Aching Vicinities. With Mark Young, she co-edited the First Hay(na)ku Anthology, and The Hay(na)ku Anthology Vol. II. In the mid 1990s, Elizabeth H. Pisares and Jean Vengua formed Tulitos Press and published and edited Debut: the Making of a Filipino American Film by Gene Cajayon and John Manal Castro, and The Flipside, by Rod Pulido. Her poetry and essays have been published in many journals and anthologies. She currently lives and works in Elkhorn, CA, near Salinas. Jean's blogs are http://jeanvengua.wordpress.com and http://okiranalog.wordpress.com.
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