Patrick James Dunagan and Ava Koohbor


conception tolerate
aback abroad abash

lilt amnesia lit bed morning. “I would choose to be anonymous. Who cares who wrote it?” (Harry Partch) Do you think Partch was a good lover? All hands, no doubt. Double the instinct wooden blinds scene of streets I cannot see to breathe… serenade of dreams interrupted by sirenade of streets, fuck Masonic! eee eee scree all through the day. Wooden blinds see witness the street of San Francisco at her feet. Ey baba neighborhood rushes appearing all within, round, about. I cannot see to breathe. Pavement thick as anything, dense with thought. As nobody sees tears of a fish but for ocean so spilling around cars, top of trees awash with sharks—Corso’s Italian vision of cities a-swarm with sharks. Heads of Society sometimes fart, sometimes shit, and sometimes refuse pass Gun Control! Foolish pride strips the city of charms. “Man listen to that! I wish I could play that good… everybody puts in his own personal style, of course. If he doesn’t, then he just ain’t a musician.” (Eubie Blake) All this bullshit coming out from both above and below solidly coating civilization all over can’t hide whiff of the hint of flooded corridors surrounding. Sacrifice is not the same as killing you’ve got the rituals all wrong. Evolution done fucked you up, kid. No longer kid, ain’t no joke. No more than cloud is cloud. Having been up in the shit. Suddenly one’s dreams slide off, or so they say, Reality hitting the streets in the heat circling, another satellite in orbit. Bit by bit, another body, another alphabet by alphabet lost among cycles of continents rubbing up ‘gainst each other, ‘gainst any and all comers. Bunch of words: center, union, selflessness. Give me a bunch of flowers, they’ll at least last the week. Taste that smell, how it bowls me over. Blast me another, sick ocean throws up dead fish dumped sewage from every myoclonic jerk. Only thing makes you free of fear is fear. Dive in.

Patrick James Dunagan and Ava Koohbor live in San Francisco. Their joint translations of Ava's poems from Farsi into English appear most recently in Spring 2013 issues of Amerarcana and OR.
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