Sheila E. Murphy


endeavor gingerly
grimace gruesome inventory

Lane change lifts infection from the source, dilutes a coded pique. Thus, shifts the frown, instills this day to come and stay, apart from fences that deflect a new way and hold tight to this right-sided roadway. A diminuendo of the venting, narrowly endured. I hear a voice report that she remained a child of the community, the many homes. A match to flower into pretty fire, thus loved no matter what. Now wanted brightly as new snow.

Sheila E. Murphy has established a strong reputation as a poet and visual poet. A winner of the Gertrude Stein Award (Sun & Moon Press, 2001), Murphy has authored 29 books of poetry and additional titles of visual poetry. She is principal of the consulting firm Executive Advisement, LLC, specializing in Performance Management for the private, public, and nonprofits worldwide. Murphy has lived in Phoenix, Arizona all of her adult life. Her early years were spent on the doorstep of the University of Notre Dame, the community of her family.
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