Thomas Fink


sawing sophomore
wreck guilty wrist

Two nations divisible. Puberty's injustices. Feral. The wreck had been spawned in self-dyspepsia. Invisible to us. A witness saw compulsion at work. She could sever it from a notion of pleasure. Swift enough, officers save the compulsive bull from graver guilt. Will the other matriculate into a career of wrestling sophomoric curiosities?

Thomas Fink has authored seven books of poetry, including Peace Conference (Marsh Hawk, 2011) and Autopsy Turvy (Meritage Press, 2010), a collaboration with Maya Diablo Mason. A Different Sense of Power (Fairleigh Dickinson, 2001) is his most recent book of criticism. In 2007, he co-edited “Burning Interiors”: David Shapiro’s Poetry and Poetics.
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