William Allegrezza


the handles we use—handles as pine limbs swing out into the
season sold through with signs that are distributed, though
disjointed, among the daffodils.

               deficient desolate
               dejection despondency disgruntled


exuberant gratification
avid brusque concise

enough for a telling, a version of memory tuned to a time,
date, that is no more—a looking to place when place has eroded
or has been mowed for a new vision without anyone being
told inside. i do not now even know how to describe when
it all became lost, but it is no more, and my voice is tired
of replaying the details.


despicable emulate
evoke excruciating inaugurate

yes, you remember the hands behind pushing, the feel of the wall,
the taste of dust and fear, up against time, up against the moment
when you knew, just knew, you were about to unbecome before living--
with a face contorted, with lines dissipating.
                                                                            even in the here, years later,
                              the feelings return in moments of shame to shame,
                              and the miles that we have run disappear before
                              the light opening in the doorway.


pseudonym rebuff
resilient turbulent abrasion

i have been hiding behind the words, shifting them
on the table in front of you to reconstruct the lie, and
if you asked for the truth, i could only hand you a pile
of stories and tell you to search. as it is, you do not
ask, and i fall into the deception as easily as into any
story. and i toss the hulls into the pile as we continue
to talk.

William Allegrezza edits the e-zine Moria and teaches at Indiana University Northwest. He has previously published many poetry books, including In the Weaver's Valley, Ladders in July, Fragile Replacements, Collective Instant, Aquinas and the Mississippi (with Garin Cycholl), Covering Over, and Densities, Apparitions; two anthologies, The City Visible: Chicago Poetry for the New Century and La Alteración del Silencio: Poesía Norteamericana Reciente; seven chapbooks, including Sonoluminescence (co-written with Simone Muench) and Filament Sense (Ypolita Press); and many poetry reviews, articles, and poems. He also edited The Salt Companion to Charles Bernstein. He founded and curated series A, a reading series in Chicago, from 2006-2010. In addition, he occasionally posts his thoughts at P-Ramblings.
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