Donna Fleischer

Open Joy
                ~ on seeing Curiosity Rover’s photograph from Mars

this red meated Mars
blue blue earth
imperceptibly time’s flux

the I as Other that
we try and we try to
get through to

touch between
ear and heart to
eat through to a word

I scrape and I
dig my way
toward you from

this distance that
the cat knows when
it looks through

is only visible,
open joy

within a ratio
spectral blue seen blue
from the short cool side

as red
from the long
warm side

Donna Fleischer's poems appear in journals and anthologies worldwide, including or forthcoming in bottle rockets, Bones, Contemporary Haibun Online, EOAGH, Esque, Exit Strata, Fiera Lingue, Kō, Journal of Renga and Renku volume 3, Jupiter 88, Lilliput Review, Naugatuck River Review, Otoliths, Poets for Living Waters: An International Response to the 2010 BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (BlazeVOX Books), and South by Southeast. Donna’s out of print chapbook indra’s net is available free to read at Scribd. She curates content daily for poetry and for the earth at her blog word pond.
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