Eric Schmaltz

Selections from Poems: bought and burnt

"On January fourteenth, twenty-thirteen, Jon Balduc, a young writer and student from Canada's east coast, posted a kajiji ad offering to write poems on any topic and of any form for patrons at the cost of one dollar per poem. The advertisement received attention from the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) and several emerging writers. I requested fifteen. They were eventually delivered to me via email. I printed and burned each poem individually. I then scanned each poem's ashes and any remaining language as presented here." E.S.

Eric Schmaltz is a poet, reviewer, researcher, and curator. His creative work can be found in journals such as filling station, Poetry is Dead, ti<, ditch, poetry, Counter Example Poetics with work forthcoming from Steel Bananas and ctrl+alt+del. His recent critical articles can be found in Rampike and Open Letter and he is currently reviewing books for Matrix magazine and Lemon Hound. In 2011, Eric co-curated an exhibit of text-art and visual and concrete poetry entitled The Bird is the Word and the more recent exhibit HOW TO READ by derek beaulieu in 2013. Both exhibits were featured at the Niagara Artists Centre. His own text-art has most recently been shown in Polyglot: Braille / Babel Babbles. Let's See exhibited at Rodman Hall. Eric lives in St. Catharines, Ontario where he co-curates the Grey Borders Reading Series.
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