harry k stammer

erratic is reaches into pocket torn

paper (un) construct'd unpulled "visual

panning, left right" 'walks street light

hand leg on rubbed un/seen done credited

(of) less passing each pothole crumbs

un informed two windows "that's all"

seen/un dispersed "will the next

copy" refuse'd pulled blanket about off

pulled not (birth) composing not unity "saying

fuck it, again" knuckles bleeding knuckles


over tongue (depressor) "let's plant

this firmly" bring with hole sock

staying once two sixteen 'tending play

removed subjects (tick tick) insignificant bottles

to "message, verge of a 'pletely" left

lining moments (tick tick tick)

"wonder what fit?" sputum after phrase

caught under tongue taking four 17

moments (lined) begun somewhat up eye level

to numbers "attached to buildings"

recover light then morning(s) up eye

placed look emptied examine tongue pulled

"up, look" pee'd pants before penis zipper

open it (lining) moment plural

greeted delivered hands buttocks under one

window affected all (could) answers stuck


(kick a curb) which moment repaired

blind hand back eyes covered

"once, once, once" hand over less

hand absent 'cratic (concrete (thing))

cutting firmly "not the tolerance, none" indefinite

offered (up) just critical watching

halted't cartoon (ish) grouping 'gether legs

nose eyes (arms) figure'd idea 'mentation

cut head chain link (resting) wave a

hand flatten'd face(s) true 'perly

"the table's laid out perfectly" appearance

sprayed watch adopt less (easy) expression

two legs clear (ly) pieces 'shized four

a.m. material ripped up "it's

never about the walk on the

beach" made up disposed after pregnancy(s)

this cigarette

car horn alarm (ing) burns

"up to the butt" and

hands (it to) over dropped "pushed

into unforeseen situations" thumb ripped off

nail "no longer necessary" image flattening draw

(n) brought "this cigarette is

my" though tough signals behind (you)

elbow tap piss stink pig burning

roasting outdoor bbq wind hitting wing humming

motor 'version (into itself) "only

the humming" sort (denote) (connoted) imprint'd

constant alarming looks that pig that

fry "the butt up to" concerned whether

recourse (co) 'herent role "my

imagination said to meta't" push against

door car's horn nail off down

The poems above are taken from harry k stammer's new book, grounds, which will shortly be released from Otoliths.
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