Iain Britton


the thing is done with mirrors a stash of clothes hung up in a corridor a eunuch checking his box of jewels the thing is to walk the corridors / then walk out / a woman arrives in purple change is obligatory it offers a wide-angled focus on who’s coming towards you who threatens to get in your face which bugger wants to be found or whether the day swarms with scraps of sky or if an amoebic earth lump oozes mud the thing is why feel so strong / so possessive i walk on silver reflections and the woman appears i wrap her up in a silkworm’s puzzle _______________________ i jump from this jetty / an acrobat caught in a hawk’s eye i jump across a river sludge-fed white-frothed a pulsing jugular amongst lungfuls of greenery a countryside breathes lying down resusitates itself born-again seasons blow between fences / paddocks / new towns _________________________ today she traverses the streets a golden girl in purple shoes with a number / a place to sleep / a place to accommodate whoever calls she lives in a room populated by mirrors / movie extras who serve her meals she has put a price on her head / she has choices the luxury of change her psychology is rooted to growth spurts new directions / studies in multiple pleasures for instance she once lived by the river on a monument of rocks / she once perched seal-like turning with the weather turning other heads ________________________ so who’s this / who keeps his jewels under lock and key who passes through corridors never talks or goes outside amongst smells the stares of animals the neon knitwear on facades ______________________ people smear their sweat they bend back the fingers of a cold night the woman pictures herself monopolising a window her body cut in glass / illuminated / her equilibrium measured i witness the restorative magic of a sudden glance

Oystercatcher Press published Iain Britton's 3rd poetry collection in 2009. Kilmog Press his 4th in 2010. An Argotist Ebook came online in 2012. A collection with Lapwing Publications came out last June.

Beard of Bees (US) also has a chapbook of his online. A pamphlet from Like This Press was published in 2012. Forthcoming collections in 2013 with Department Press, The Gumtree Press and again with Kilmog Press.

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