Sam Langer

more or less glory accrues to them

the question whether or not you
will sleep with anyone else again
is one of how the novel
is constructed and what it should
exclude. the play's emotional deadlock was
dissolved when the male character suddenly
turned into a pile of gonads
(male or female). this could have
been result of nanotech, or anything.
many plausibilities. the puzzle left was
how theatre had managed to survive
until now. the gesture was retained
because the author found it accurate
to something, about reality, or the
opposite of it, or wanted to
try to participate by making a
gesture, though the people it was
to please left the theatre dulled
and returned.

some layers

the hoax layer
the poetry layer
the novel layer
the column layer
the banking layer

GOD. --> humans.

sentence: line of animals.
world surrounds his head.
we've got you surrounded, head!

Hutong. Pellegrini's. Medicare. 9.4.13

an entire world of $0 notes
& fantasised contacts
busted like a melon
glueing my shoulder to the lights
you & i could settle down
enjoy life, sip by sip
one does not argue about taste
sister act 5

Sam Langer was born in Melbourne, in February 1983. He lives in Berlin. He edits Steamer and has published a chapbook, Law You Can Eat, with Munted Beyond Press.
Samuel underscore langer at yahoo dot com dot au.
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