Samuel Carey

cystal cosmetics

responsive son

groups need never

vote he wasn't

interested in fish

not cosmetically crystal


bureau novelist nations

that refuse wants to talk to you

about colosseum marriage and

fire in the fields that

went on my shoes and grab only

the stranded here

we should get up to the court


too fast or too slow

for a search for a house a for sure

referral of friday's peace means large


and a journal passage of

adhesive stripper or somebody

go ahead please stay tuned


let's all get asked this

back in august or

past like most of them

you can get out of your bed you know

maybe you shouldn't

display what is going to happen

or use your old friend of mine and your dad will be plenty of

room where its

resources are

the strongest pencil as opposed to everything

really stiff as a yacht

homes here


by the drilling journey

excerpts forming from

homes by larceny

homes here

stare and stare the growing

homesteaders persistently

the ones who let you know what

homes like more of a disaster

like reversing

a bomb squad

home into carbon

alternative ships

once a morning

late nights

belong in the bath


readers who still smile


homed by the staff


he rose from his car

this is still

their goal

clashing papers as well as

grand piano’s

formation from all these years ago

do a lot of people on the jury

live in their rear window

soon circled

who belong in hell

two years as a matter of

engagement with

his last lap around we can get



return of the old

recalling closures

nobody says thank you in this region

goodbyes and



a little solicitor blossoms

a worm

one day you must pay

back to work here

you're working

with his awareness

and further intent

experiments in virtue wouldn't have been

the sort of thing to know

that the jewel ridicule

dines on cuisine


instead of the song

in a bad person

right after the big waterfall


loaded full of poultry shit

calls and talks literal meaning

vocal pieces of paper and shut up

bow to serve the warm


yesterday she had

mormons in charge

of sausage view

populist companies

more epic tales of some of

forces screaming that it is a long way down

blow gelled

and the sales ladies in the world was ready to deal with

forward thinking

did you hear

Samuel Carey earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Victoria University of Wellington and an Honours degree in Philosophy from the University of Auckland. He is afraid of reading out loud, so often records his poetry on a dictaphone and leaves tapes scattered across Auckland for unsuspecting victims to find.
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