Scott Metz

woods. add

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toward an established branch eating into
. apple stalled detour in see through jaw .
her branch rained on clowns already given birth to
. banished yet throat in hidden edge .
makeup fertility spread in the sand . the water allegory deep law poking . and drops the doors of a wave of government .
see to          an error remind the blade            light the centers on
. year end crumb first waves addressed
. her magic number a crossing observed . anniversary an ice cream flavor named Terrorism . drones out of the media out of themselves .
a brutal, repressive hypocrite parallel to “the snow” . revenge apple with a larger genome
. synapses in borderland song rain’s attic window .
looking out through the new petroglyph ultraviolence . leaf speak fertility in parentheses
. an unquote placed not the end of a satellite’s joy . playing backwards all the televisions attached to the bees . bridge scattering in a hidebound air kiss . her body radicalisms wind bite marks a system of

Scott Metz is the author of lakes & now wolves (2012). He is coeditor of the online journal R'r (along with its blog), and also coeditor of the anthology Haiku 21 (2011). He lives on the Oregon coast.
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