Tony Beyer

Departure & return

walk many times
the length of Hotere’s
Kuaka in either direction

observing as if
from the corner of the eye
iridescent ocean

reefs invisible
at planet level
deserts rusted by drought

equidistant day & night
the complete palette
of darkness

from the air how
intricate & deliberate
the machinery of a city

linoleum colours
waxed board of
changing destinations

ruia ruia
the abandonment
of symmetry

opea opea
in text

tahia tahia
wingspan from
light to light

location a constantly
moving enclosure
of existence

vertiginous plummet
down the lower
hemisphere’s curve

winds up to
cyclone strength
over the islands

let light be song
let colour
let accumulation

each small
panting unit
a part of the whole

each small voice
heard on the wind
in a new dimension

Recent work by Tony Beyer has appeared in Landfall, Poetry NZ and Best New Zealand Poems 2012.
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