Vernon Frazer

Copied Rites

the sides of music reached
residing purposes and held quiet

contribution wrong to pass over
when the news groaned

coming mood
prompted accomplishment quickly
and held fast asleep

disclaimers whispered license fee
or else

terrible and round with glee
continued to hear the mark
upon their proper shape

the same size of public domain

Illuminating a Success

californian binding customer
distributed his work by seeding
flickering imitations of light

bright and disappeared
from here to walk through dark
and gallop small opportunity

clocks waters of chickens
standing pulp against the
foul original fender ghost

knocked scraps and buggy
shaped colors of clothes
blotted hill pigments flicker

fall shouted air till morning
announced border time ago
button bright and disappeared

Sea Change

delta pablum tabloid rounders
slow-pitch vagrants trundle past
the hassock warriors attest
no victory dances left club-footed
or toward the portly bullion door
at rest between lions headed
for posture fossils turning inert
collapsing daylight configurations
in heat or temple retreat barns
shuttered apoplectic nuance sharks
for shelling yards of template eggs
neatly packaged freon scantily
bagged askance a net of graffiti
gathered ultimatums riot gear
the forward ratchet as the word
progresses marginal gossip roars
the largest definition hostage
prey to semantic brewery rosters
displacement the decadent norm
established furies fast for revelation
a longer trace when pacing slows
its shadow crossing mixed juncture


when varnish seals its delegation
chrome peals morning crawls
an edifice passing brick tongues
newer than impetigo headers
branching forward under footlight
rippling bicoastal mustard gusto
sound in furry streams unconscious
nest their jellied sapling udders
testily against an offspring coil
shuddering warm suspense to shill
the foiled reflection new aluminum
habits nun left to chance will gone
a wry way smiling to vested charm
slyly paid to men of war and shy
circumference bodies tarnished
as vagaries cast bonnet stamps
muttering heftiness the blunder
willing to storm offensive predicates
when thundering outlets retail them
gulag arpeggio kits replace turbulent
mitten farms bitten with gonad fever
epithets a laundry will never wash
or garnish for its needy supplicants
risking implication stickers at the fair
deal passed festering belly jesters
plunging rubato’s variety foreskin
tremor lodging arbutus in cleavage
where patrons reveal their padded
caution never misplaced or stamped
terrycloth loin jackets laced rabid
junkets to isolated portobello shards
lumped against jumpsuit dollies
cradled adjacent bumps with vigor
suits attached to ladle brackets
horned through pellet seizures
their fantasia gaskets gone amok
where casket dwellers pall and sue
remedial disk jockey sabotage outlets
for horning metaphor octagons to vex
agonistic semaphore trial lampoons
aphoristic pillow snatchers feed pilaf
to stranger fictions than cattle brew
without steamers to contain their acid
or mend their detrimental asparagus
blunders across midriff plantations
bearing stanchion fruit encumbered
tassel vats in rampage costumes
worn appropriately at the borders
of hirsute spelling totals reviled
under tactile seizure armada
casks left to hexing plunder pellets


heat intentions leak renown
spelling interns casually elusive
with a cursive forbearance
scripted for the unmentioned
handlers of vacant protocol envy
devoid of wish fulfillment platters
or intensive fury seminars at risk
of justification as a way of living
almost perfectly from line to loin
creeping furtive entities demolish
balanced space brings protrusions
home to envoy particles under myth
or clatter penumbral adjectives
in transit or transient intransigents
clinging to sweat favor left over
doubling nouns in transitory items
bridged where party facts assembled
culinary dissuasion flavors on loan
saving measures cupped in bandit taxes
before rescue efforts could achieve
doubling nouns in transitory items
glottal imprecation status unaided
with cursing forebears alarmed
at the clang of mirrored voices
kept to roar a dull momentum seed
past the livery hook pulling forward
gear westward toward the hearing sea

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