Christopher Barnes

Filming Blood Shot Silk – Deleted Scenes


Wrought, dust-of-ages pram
Teeters under waterfall.
Pan out to…Sammy’s dropped-hem arms
Flung towards Sabrina Roper.
Maiden bullet scuds a tree, repercusses,
Punctures his left eye.
Dishevelled, rigmaroley scripts
Dodge illumination.

The Crew sing ‘Waltzing Matilda’
As Camera 5
Exorcises the ghost
From the machine.


In cobwebbed tapestry
A dingy-eyed shadow.
Bevan squeezes for pulse –
Manola’s neck. Snap dilation
Of scarlet-spittle mouth.
Camera 2 – possessed by a blue-black scarf
Shackling her wrist. Mortuary lace
From outpouring dress
On polished marble fireplace.

Spirit-raising menace
Insidious in octaves…
Submerged nudges
Images can’t deliver.


Pearls sloshed in a punchbowl.
Roma Graves – the tenuousness
Of a skew lip-curl. Door bell whines.
Sabrina Roper thresholds right.
The Boom Operator hiccups.

The Cast disenchant
Into the banal sphere.
Balance sheets are more punctual
Than these delicate tinker’s cusses…CUT!


The Apprentice jinks Camera 2 up
As Frank Langella neatens his lines.
Ding-dong. Fingers on a glass-sheet table.
Pan out to mortal remains
Veiled in black net. Mars orange hair bales over.
Twinkling – the room fades
To bleary dinge.
The harp unruffles into a weightless plight.


Gargoyles in melting mood.
Catching, gone-bad rain.
Focus pull, forefront to depths (Camera 4) –
Marcel Dean scalpels gnarled wrists.
Archway say-so “No Photography”.
A blast – updraught
Pot-shots the boom.
We’re framing the tangible resentment…
Over which a galaxy squirms down
On a run of dusks.

Christopher Barnes’ first collection LOVEBITES was published by Chanticleer Press. He reads for Proudwords lesbian and gay writing festival each year, partakes in workshops, and recently added Art Critic to his list of activities with a piece in Peel Magazine..
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