Daniel f. Bradley

mine got the red ring of deathness

when i am told how dirty and horrible i am
a bad little doe that makes all of us panty
sellers look like hepatitis for up to
fourteen days peeling the petals of work
toward the dark spam a worthwhile
investment strategy no limits and all things
green resonates deeply with rain hushed
streets step away from the vehicle

all the hullabaloo

frozen again for the rest of their lives
a threshold past which biscuits cannot
improve but he was much more than a
sonneteer as frequently parodied it’s
because the ambient cookbook look
forward to chatting and getting to know
like-minded people get blacklisted for
never sopping up all your juices i bet
i could hook you up with some german
shepherd giblets

you have read too many books my friend

already dozens like this mic check
already happening the black room
where i make my real money excellent
morsels to get out of the hallway in
scarlet goes on display i don’t mind
i will do any sort of brother and sister
elastic is showing wear as i have and
will use mine do run small so you need
to go up a jazz version if you were to
ask god one question inspired by
getting your period

pretty woolly

your favourite yoga down for any
broken song of love intro themselves
as a theorists lucky enough to live in
japan they have you covered i was
suggesting you should report it to
the police as i started to try to explore
what i was feeling is the question
cornstalks stone not meant to last
until it totally burns up at the now
dead ever legendary diamond-hard
intelligence may once have been a
healthy neural cell everyone is
welcome to try

written in silver ribbon

anything that oozes has got to be good
you like baby yes i do wear many outfits
from the greed creeps my companion
animal likes it love it thanks for sharing
failure is not an velvet cheetah print
leotard insider attack since days of the
week are named for gods how's that
bailout doin designed to have only a
bare handful of calories and kill appetites
there really aren't any nice guys under
my breath in another room while doing
what she told me

Daniel f. Bradley lives in Toronto with his family — his most recent book is Chortling American Show Goo from Laurel Reed Books. Some of his collages are up on http://bradleydanielf.tumblr.com/.
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