Chris Brown

hotel universo

Some early crush queues in tents
towards Civic though evan

hosts an audience of millions
from his mother’s living-room –

lounges about, still half out-of-it
pressing sandwiches between Hits.

The table figured, refigured

So much for the fireworks…

the betrayal’s mutual; everyone’s
Happy. if we could tell the jerseys apart

no literally, sworn wager, disabuse and apologize.


You’re unexpected presence
didn’t-see-it window. THUMP.

take the: appeasement ale.
toast the: mortgage.

Late by the single-aisle continent
and emporium for your paraphilia


the music’s in the eaves —

snakes fail as effigies.
photogenic (dish) or

any fumble. turns heads.

Chris Brown lives in Newcastle, Australia. He is working on hotel universo, a book of poetry.
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