Ken Nance

Kufi Jadeed

a'aood (lute)

kasoof (eclipse)

al feel (elephant)

jedar (wall)

Ken Nance, a native of EL Paso, Texas, has worked at everything from from being a combat medic to an archaeology lab artifact cataloger. Today, however, he settles on being a musician in a blues band and working as an instructor in Saudi Arabia. Before locating in Saudi Arabia, he lived and worked in such varied places as Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Equatorial Guinea, and the southwestern United States. His self-styled form of Arabic calligraphy is called "Kufi Jadeed." Of it, he has stated: "One day I noticed the letters in the word giraffe (zarafah) tumble themselves into two legs, a long neck, a big round eye, and a long nose. With just the slightest nudge, I stacked the letters ascending. I’d written giraffe and drawn a picture of the same with the letters. This fortuitous chance hooked me on looking for other words with which I might fit my new application."
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