Paul Pfleuger, Jr.

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You know it feels like baby you a song
A silver buckle hangin' off your hips
How I love to know just what you're thinkin'
We used to smoke while we were jaywalking
Real, like chill, like only a drink or two
Thumbing my way heading down south to you
Baby, yeah, that bikini top on her
Neon like a high I wanna be on
Poppin’ out of the South Georgia water
She smiles at the expense of my liver
With all the moonshine runnin’ through her mind
A half-empty bottle I'm gonna break
Sometimes you give and sure sometimes you take
Rollin’ on ‘til the neighbors call the cops


Oh whoa, she ain't got your love anymore
Turning my cheek for the sake of the show
So I cross my heart and I hope to die
I'm wide awake and won't give up on us
Well now you said that we would still be friends
Oh whoa, catching my breath, letting it go
I know you’ve gotta get up and try, try
I can write a song if we get rough skies
If you get lost, you can always be found
Just so that you know now, this is my life
I won't be told it's supposed to be right
I know I have said it a million times
Oh, whoa, oh, oh, and now it's clear to me
I will only stay with you one more night

Go on and show 'em who you call daddy
John Wayne ain't got nothin' on my fringe game
My neck’s full of gold Olympian shit
Conceive an ocean going between legs
Worry ‘bout me, give a fuck about you
No matter what we do, the sun shines through
Wolf on my noggin and a fur fox skin
You pussies can't handle or afford it
I got an 808 in my heartbeat
Our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us
My drink spill on me while I feel on you
Y'all sit back, cuz nothing exceeds like the sex
Next to me oh, oh next to me, oh, oh
These haters’ hoes got pussies like craters

The Ignore Button
So here comes a small paragraph about the usage of the ignore button. If one feels that they are being verbally harassed, you can choose to keep listening or just tab+click that ignore button next to xxx's name. Now, the problem with this is simple, if a person who is building a rec build during a ranked game, when we need a tank, chooses to say "nope" and proceeds to ignore all of his/her teammates, then the lack of communication causes lack of organized plays, 4v5's, loss of baron's etc... SO my suggestion, create a button that utilizes some form of "selective hearing" and only utilizes phrases such as "going mid" or "Initiate Here" or "Build xxx". There's my little paragraph.

Note: The first three poems were assembled using appropriated source text from lyrics in songs appearing in Billboard hit lists in spring of 2013. The final poem is a found-text work from an online League of Legends gamer forum.

Paul Pfleuger, Jr.’s work has appeared in a number of print and online publications such as Otoliths, ARSENAL, Modern Haiku, bottle rockets, and Ginyu. A Zodiac, a collection of his work was recently released by Red Moon Press. He’s a lecturer in English at a national university in Taiwan and is the co-editor of the online journal R’r. His blog is amidst vs.
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