Reed Altemus

writhing of

pitch balloon treater ballast mollusks quack and pill
underneath a pun pleated vapor questioning filters null
up at a dewey place ulterior Texas boiling verities
popper babel kinder egg surprises punky tutorial for
blustering delta wrens acapella dripper blab corpus
fat fat lingerer piling apexes around globules bundtcake
lysergic invoices lozenge placard belittles tanic acid
suchlike ocular pinching the stellar unionized pusbag
portably writhing upscale pitchfork vapidness collateral
Yosemite wrenches a flatness out of opulent bile—ignoreable
Jodpurs fuckwits king whence came the writhing of

space is the place

The taupe boat

with a stick pin altogether painter 
clock boot tear with tapping sink towel 
altogether jacked follow this 
when a shirt gapes flakes will appear to follow 
the stamp but span this blade 
the vapour and shortening tips 
and sank flags
the bowl stack teetered           and a taupe boat 
soon like a flickering             and the bike slink 
verge beard type the stake does flip 
border and converge with a sunk blaze 
this flapping bard like the front lunge 
a tape stuck with vowels a e i o u

to the moon Alice

phlegm clapboard dirigible quagmire

     in memory of Don Van Vliet AKA Captain Beefheart

respirator flared menagerie yolk floppy-shading
ghost catatonic quagmire glamour snoring vile pixels
stretched jawbone placemat druggist exit maximum
crenulation husk-like oxygen phallus dreck
sign with flower-shaped galaxion denture boxes
granules blinded out cremate drainpipe affection
touristic asterisk touristic machine rubble cumberbund
mouthpiece flicker twelve phlegm pockets tilt flabby
cranium splendid eyedropper spatially variable
cloudbursting drawn Czech posterior eyelashes phlegm
ball and chain traces drifting banisters employers Czech
sputtering chutney combs synesthetically gaseous relations
buoy tropic phlegm clapboard dirigible quagmire
flexion traipse clamor crumbing rocket bilge stubble flare
follicle wastrel flaccid vacuum drop
in the bucket freeze globules

Reed Altemus is a visual poet, writer, mail artist, performance artist and noisician from Portland Maine. Every day he wears a different artistic hat and he likes it that way. FMI go to www.reedaltemus.org
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