Susan Kachor Conlon

Merrion Square

I met with Oscar Wilde today in the park.
I smiled at him and he smirked back.
What a flirt!
Surprisingly, he dressed for the occasion.
A red and green coat with frog buttons!
We sat on a rock
And talked
about blue china.
I offered to share my orange with him,
But as expected, he graciously declined.
I earnestly confided in Oscar
I had read De Profundis in its entirety.
It sang to my heart, then sank to the depths.
He remained stoically silent
as I held his hand.
Perched upon that rock
In Merrion Square.

My Cubist Life

I am fractured
a mere series of
simultaneous multiple perspectives
not just broken down
but pushed together
collaged bits and torn edges
a synthesis of
found objects
faux bois
sheet music
I am overlapping
no maquette for
my cubist life
“la bataille s’est engage”

Susan Kachor Conlon is currently completing her HBFA and resides in the northern Great Lakes region.
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