Robert Lee Brewer


if you don’t have a skeleton
what will hold you up
if we did not have our skins
what would hold us in

the balance of specificity
& ambiguity
                the balance
of detail & momentum

the balance of balancing
my postmodern metropolis
my meta-fictional analyst

log off un-plug we don’t
live on the planet earth


, the


people say the end is a beginning
but only the beginning of an end

because everything created is
finite as graphite crushed into paper

& crumpled before being shot at some
plastic trash receptacle bought wholesale

at target or wal-mart or some other
retail doppelganger or an online

affiliate link measuring purchase
against purchase into segmented lists

numerical text housed within the code
of some beautiful floating-themed template

one database spread across another
& we wander weightless through empty streets

distracted by hope the fog will swallow
us & keep us from finding our p o

not the mail nor the message but that point
at which we find ourselves bargaining for

more time to do what should’ve been done so
long ago that will never be enough

Robert Lee Brewer is Senior Content Editor for the Writer’s Digest Writing Community. His debut full-length poetry collection, Solving the World’s Problems, is out from Press 53. Learn more at www.robertleebrewer.com.
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Blogger tom said...

Enjoyed and thank you for your post on FB reminding me to check the latest Otolith

4:37 AM  
Blogger Robert Lee Brewer said...

You bet. One of my favorite journals.

9:43 AM  

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