Caitlin Annette Johnson

from Cosmosis

Cosmos C6

Cosmos C7

Cosmos S2

Cosmos S4

Author's Note: "These pieces are excerpted from a larger work entitled Cosmosis that incorporates visual and textual aspects of a procedural removal of all words starting with the letters C, O, S and M from Carl Sagan's Cosmos. While each of these poems speak to embodying larger entity, I hope for them to achieve an autonomy that allows for them to be successfully experienced separately."

Caitlin Annette Johnson is an artist, writer and English instructor in Chicago, IL. Her work has been published in HOAX, The Book Art Blog, Pank, Breadcrumb Scabs and Glass Mountain. She also curates online galleries of visual poetry and her various altered book projects here:
Unbooked: A Series of Small Destructions
Visual Glitch Poem Gallery
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